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Shallot granules

Hamedan Garlic Radish Granule Granules
Like all products on the market Shallot granules Available in various qualities and prices. The price of shallot granules depends on the weight, size, type of packaging and product quality..

Buying in bulk usually brings discounts and benefits for both the buyer and the seller, as is the case with the price of shallot granules; The price of shallot granules increases with the hot increase in packaging.

These packages are produced according to the uses, which include home use, factory use and dining areas. (Restaurant, coffee shop, fast food and…) Is that usually 100 gram packages are suitable for home use and do not require bulk purchase; It is clear that the amount of consumption of factories and restaurants will be much more than home consumption and should be purchased in bulk and in large quantities..

Onions do not have a bad smell of garlic, so it is mostly used as garlic powder as a spice and seasoning. They are hand-made and completely hygienically safe.

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